Expanding Sustainable Adherence Packaging

Jones Healthcare Group and good natured® are Transforming Canada’s Pharmaceutical Industry With Innovative Plant-based Packaging

Jones Healthcare Group (“Jones”), a market leader in advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions, and good natured Products Inc. ( “good natured®”) (TSX-V: GDNP), a North American leader in earth-friendly plant-based products, are pleased to announce a new partnership focused on expanding sustainable packaging solutions. Jones’ medication adherence packaging products will now be made with good natured® Bio-PET, a food-safe, curbside recyclable bioplastic.

This new plant-based solution allows Jones to optimize its package design, removes chemicals of concern and ensures its packaging is readily recyclable in most households across North America. This new custom-designed blister material for adherence packaging will be available through independent and national pharmacy chains throughout Canada. For complete press release, visit our corporate website here.

Two of our FlexRx™ blisters: 7-Day FlexRx™ and FlexRx™ Light 14-Gauge Clear Blister With Hooks (T12609) and 7-Day FlexRx™ and FlexRx™ Light 14-Gauge Clear Blister Without Hooks (T12610) will be among the first applications.


Other Product Sustainability Highlights

We offer a range of sustainable products and services to our customers and in partnership with our suppliers.

All of our pharmacy vials are made of 100% fully recyclable polypropylene.

Adherence Packaging

In addition to sourcing fibre for paperboard sustainably, we also offer plastic adherence packaging options that are fully recyclable with PET blisters and polypropylene seals that can be separated for recycling.

Prescription Labels

We've invested in the latest pharmacy laser label print and manufacturing technology to reduce waste and total environmental footprint.

We use water-based inks, which do not release toxins such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere

Both facestock and paper elements of our laser labels are FSC®-certified

Medication Strip Cartons

We ensure forest fibre for paperboard materials is obtained from sustainable and responsible sources.

We also work closely with our customers to design and produce packaging components that minimize waste and maximize production efficiency.

Centor Bottles

Centor Recycled Ovals are manufactured from 100% post-consumer, food grade recycled PET resin and meet the expectations of pharmacists and consumers who have shown a preference in using packaging manufactured from recycled materials.

Paper Bags

We provide a wide variety of bags made from durable, recycled brown kraft paper. Recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud to contribute to a number of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to transform our world, as listed below.

Environmental Certifications

Forest Stewardship Council™

We are certified to print FSC®; logos for sustainable forest management on our paperboard products for our customers. This logo helps consumers choose sustainably and responsibly sourced products.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

We are certified to print SFI logos for sustainable forest management on our paperboard products for our customers. This logo helps consumers choose sustainably and responsibly sourced products.

ISO 14001

Designed to manage impact on the environment, we exercise the “self-declaration” option for this system. All elements of ISO 14001 are built into our standard operating procedures.


78% of paperboard product waste in manufacturing diverted from landfills with continuous improvement for energy and resource management in our facilities
Electricity Usage

3.9% decrease from 2014 to 2019

Water Usage

24.3% decrease from 2014 to 2019

Check out Jones Healthcare Group's Sustainable Development Report to learn more about our initiatives and product highlights that contribute to a sustainable future.

For more product information and order support, contact pharmacy@joneshealthcaregroup.com or your local Jones representative.