Need help adjusting your order schedule?

Update your re-order email reminder

Due to supply chain issues, we will continue to see extended lead times for many custom-printed pharmacy products. We recommend adjusting your ordering schedule with these extended lead times in mind. Simply go to your Favourites List page and click "UPDATE EMAIL REMINDER" button, and adjust how soon you would like to receive your next re-order reminder.

Manage Inventory Quickly & Easily With These Time-Saving Tools

Did you know you can take advantage of two simple tools in our Pharmacy Store to help you save time and manage inventory? Check out more details below!


Create a Favourites List for Quick Reordering

If you find yourself ordering the same products regularly, you can take advantage of Favourites Lists. Whether you create a list for your custom-branded products or your generic stock supplies, you can place all list items in your cart for ordering with one click. No more searching and selecting frequently ordered products one-by-one.


Set Up Order Reminder Notifications

It’s easy to set a reminder to order your frequently purchased products to avoid stock shortages and do away with rush shipments. Once a reminder is set, you’ll receive a convenient email when it’s time to place your next order.

Happy to help.

For more information on these tools or other online Pharmacy Store features, please contact your Jones representative or Customer Service at 1.800.265.1009. You can also reach out to us any time at [email protected]