FlexRx™: Unprecedented flexibility for pharmacists and patients

Since we co-developed the first blister card for multi-medication regimes over 30 years ago, we have continued to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to innovation and patient safety within the Canadian medication management market. The FlexRx™ adherence solution is no exception.

Bringing together the best attributes from our vast line of adherence products, FlexRx offers a wide range of benefits and flexibility for pharmacists and patients alike – from retail pharmacy to long-term care. Plus, the unique FlexRx adherence solution can accommodate any pharmacy medication dispensing process, whether manual or automated.

And, like our entire line of adherence packaging and pharmacy consumable products, FlexRx is fully customizable, allowing you to showcase your brand in a cost-effective way to achieve customer recognition and grow your business.

This is a customized example. Please refer to product detail page for actual product image.


  • Highly competitive pricing with best-in-class quality
  • Optional cover enhances patient privacy and medication protection, while offering an important branding opportunity - FlexRx™ Light version without a cover is also available
  • Can be used in both manual and automated filling environments to accommodate all dispensing processes
  • Ideal for patients in the community, as well as in long-term care who have complex medication schedules
  • Easy-to-tear perforated blister cavities offer ‘on-the-go’ portability
  • Optional blister with integrated hooks for hanging
  • Medication information printed on each individual time pass, so patients always know what’s inside
  • Permanent adhesive label with convenient push-through access to medications
  • Large-capacity blisters for multiple medications and vitamins, providing an opportunity to capture incremental over-the-counter product sales

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