Convenient, Customizable Storage for Medication Strip Packaging

Build your brand and drive patient adherence with customizable carton solutions compatible with all strip/pouch packaging pharmacy automation technologies.

With a range of sizes and custom-printing with up to nine colors, our boxes are designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, accommodate your dispensing preferences and showcase your pharmacy brand.

Why use cartons for strip packaging?

  • Store in cartons sized specifically for the type of strip packaging you use
  • Ensure easy dispensing of pouches to patients through perforated carton openings
  • Ensure pouched medications are taken consistently and accurately from a convenient solution
  • Eco-friendly, easily recyclable and compost friendly
  • Minimize physical touch between pharmacy and patients
  • Cost savings for patients taking multiple medications-reduces number of plastic vials dispensed

What strip/pouch automation technologies are compatible with the cartons?

Jones medication strip/pouch packaging cartons are compatible with all major automation technologies, including:

  • Other strip packaging technology

What carton sizes are available?

We offer a wide range of different sizes for your specific dispensing needs. Below are the four most popular sizes.


Other sizes are also available. Click on this link to see the entire line-up.

For more information, contact [email protected] or your local Jones representative.