Qube Multi-dose Medication Management

Key features and benefits

When bigger is better
Easy fill and check, high-capacity weekly blister card for multiple medications and vitamins:
Qube blister
  • High-capacity, square-bottom blisters
  • Clear view of medications for easy fill and check
  • Larger breakfast and bedtime blisters for additional medications typically taken at these times
  • Accommodates multiple adherence label sizes
  • Clear instructions make it easy for patients to use
  • Available for automation applications
  • Potential to capture incremental vitamin sales for customers looking to fully utilize the Qube’s dose management capabilities

order information

Item Number Product Description Case Quantity
T12F472 7-Day Qube Adherence Card 250
TBLIS_18378-00 7-Day Qube Blister - Bio-PET 250
T12240 28-Cavity Qube Plastic Sealing Tray 1
T110.37.00 Large Qube Adherence Packaging Repair Tape 1 Roll
T110.36.00 Small Qube Adherence Packaging Repair Tape 1 Roll

Customize your Qube

Custom Qube
  • Enhance your brand with bold, custom-designed graphics using up to nine colours
  • Take advantage of our portfolio of customizable products to create next-level branding across your full range of prescription packaging
  • Ample room for patient instruction and brand showcase
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