Pil-Bob® Blister Opening Aid

  • Quantity per sales unit: 10
  • Imperial BC, AB #: 240337
  • Product Group: Generic
  • Product Type: Blister Opening Aid
  • Features: Ergonomically Designed, Simple to Clean
Pil-Bob® is an aid to enable patients who find it difficult to access their medication from adherence packaging. It allows them to pierce the backing paper of the blister with the serrated middle piece, with the medication then falling in to the surrounding cup. It can be used with any of our medication adherence packaging. Product features and benefits include: 1) Remove medication from blisters easily and hygienically – without spills! 2) Ergonomically designed: This small and lightweight device fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and isn’t reliant on strength for effective use. 3) No more spills or pill breakages: Pressing medications directly out of the blisters can result in pills breaking or spilling onto the floor. The serrated tip and cup design prevents spilling or dropping medications upon removal. 4) Simple to clean: Keeping the Pil-Bob clean couldn’t be easier. Made of durable plastic, the device is simple to clean with the added benefit of being dishwasher safe. 5) Less strain on the wrist: Long medication rounds can often lead to repetitive strain, with multiple blisters needing to be pushed out. The Pil-Bob helps alleviate this strain, allowing the serrated tip to do the hard work.