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Healthcare technology continues to quickly advance to help pharmacies dispense medication as safely and efficiently as possible. From enhancing workflow to improving accuracy with a sharp attention to patient safety, automated pharmacy dispensing systems allow pharmacists to increase capacity and grow their businesses while dedicating more time to consultative and value-added services that improve the overall health of customers.

To give you a quick start, here are some of the frequently asked questions about our automation compatible offerings:
Q: I currently use Tri-fold in my pharmacy and I am interested in a BlistAssist, which cards of Jones are compatible or which cards do you recommend?

We recommend the Qube-It or Qube cards; these are the same format as Tri-Fold, and fully compatible with the BlistAssist.

Q: Does Jones have labels for Parata vial machine and a ScriptPro vial machine?

Yes, Jones has approved thermal labels for the Parata and ScriptPro machines.

Q: Which Jones cards are compatible with the VBM and SynMed?

Our FlexRx™, Qube and Auto-Fill cards are all compatible with VBM and SynMed.

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Adherence Packaging Compatible With BlistAssist

Adherence Packaging Compatible With SynMed

Designed for SynMed® pharmacy automation systems including SynMed® XF, SynMed® Ultra and SynMed® Assist.

Adherence Packaging Compatible With VBM


"Preferred manufacturer" for Parata, ScriptPro, Innovation’s PharmASSIST and FastFill

Prescription Labels

Our thermal labels are compatible with Parata and ScriptPro pharmacy automation systems. Fade-resistant for up to 12 months, they are also fully customizable to accommodate your pharmacy’s branding.

Refer to "Pharmacy Automation Sheet" to learn more about our wide range of products that are fully compatible with pharmacy automation.
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