Adherence Packaging Has a New Look

We are excited to launch a new look for adherence packaging under our Jones Healthcare Group corporate identity.

Our solutions will continue to have all the important features our customers and patients expect, and the overall functionality and structural packaging design will remain the same.

This means:

  • All existing labels, blisters and accessories (e.g., rollers) will continue to be used
  • The steps to fill and seal our cards will remain the same

Our cards will also now feature:

  • Enhanced cover graphics
  • A new colour scheme and text style
  • Additional instructions to help patients access medications
  • A new child safety statement and recommended storage instructions to promote medication safety and efficacy
  • Updated icons for dosage times/time passes on some cards to enhance patient recognition and understanding

Updated Qube and Tri-Fold adherence cards are coming soon and the balance of our updated cards will be released throughout the year. Check out a preview below:

Qube Adherence Card


7-day high-capacity card, ideal for seniors and those with chronic diseases managing a complex medication regime. Compatible with SynMed® XF, SynMed® Ultra, SynMed® Assist, VBM and BlistAssist®.

Tri-Fold Adherence Card


7-day multi-med card, ideal for patients at home taking multiple medications. Compatible with SynMed® XF, SynMed® Ultra and SynMed® Assist.

If you have any questions about our new card designs, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]